zetterberg23“If I knew I would fix it and have more points.  You just try to do the right things — shoot the puck, work hard and get there for second chances.” –Henrik Zetterberg

That quote comes to us via Khan(!) who focused this morning on Zetterberg and his not-so-impressive numbers thus far in the season.  Zata is on pace for roughly 62 points this season…his lowest total since the 2006-2007 season in which he missed 19 games.  Granted, he was off to a really slow start and has picked it up as of late (26 points in the last 24 games).  But last night, without Pavel in the lineup, we needed to put the saddle on Hank…on the result was 5-1 loss to BAD team.

I remember just a few short years ago when Hank was coming off a 43 goal campaign in 2007-2008 and said that he was shooting for a 50 goal season.  Since then, his goal count has dipped significantly:

  • 31 in 2008-2009
  • 23 in 2009-2010
  • 24 in 2010-2011

But the thing that stands out to me most is the fact that he did not look like a superstar last night.  Maybe he wasn’t inspired.  Maybe it was just an off night.  Maybe he’s just not used to seeing the opposition’s best anymore.  With Datsyuk in the lineup, Hank are always up against the second best D-pairing.

Make the jump for more (including Babcock’s thoughts):

“I didn’t think he started great by any means and probably was frustrated by it.  I thought he was great (Sunday) in Chicago once he got his legs. But he’s been real determined, strong on the puck, he’s made good plays.  Scoring might not be where he’d like it to be, and yet he’s scored so little on the power play, which makes no sense to me. Normally he scores better on the power play and most of his points have been at even strength. But we’ll sure live with how he’s playing. He seems to be getting better.” –Mike Babcock

Honestly, I was more impressed with the play of Justin Abdelkader last night.  BUT…I’m not trying to say that I’ve lost my faith in Zetterberg.  I still love the guy.  I want him to be a Red Wing for life.  I wore #40 throughout my entire college career because of him.  It’s time to get back on track.  He knows it.

“I think the past 25 games have been pretty good, if you just look at the points.  I had a tough start, slow start point-wise, but I’m feeling pretty good now.  Trying not to think about what you’ve done in the past, just focus on the game you have in front of you and make the best of that.” –Henrik Zetterberg

We know you can do it, Hank.

So the question is…what would it take for Zetterberg’s season to NOT be a disappointment?  Is it ‘Stanley Cup or bust’?  Is it a point per game throughout the rest of the year (he would finish with 72)?  Is it hitting 20 goals in his last 40 games?  I’d love to get everyone’s thoughts…not just about the stats…but on Hank in general.