Good News…Booze!

winged_wheelOne week from tomorrow is the NHL Entry Draft.  By then – Ryan Suter’s right may or may not be traded to a team he may or may not sign with.  Since July 1st is a Sunday this year – we should have no problem bringing you the hour-by-hour coverage that we’ve done here at NOHS over the past few years…it should be an interesting day (and yes, I know we say that every year).

There has never been a more pivotal off-season and quite frankly – the 2012-2013 NHL Season is probably the most important season ever for the Detroit Red Wings.  Changes are coming and we’re all just going to have to sit back and watch and see if Detroit can rebound from a first round play-off exit and the loss of the greatest defenseman of all time…not too mention the leadership skills that left with him.

But enough about apprehension – let’s talk some good news.  It was just announced that the Winter Classic at the Big House in Ann Arbor has been approved to be all the more interesting.

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The Michigan Legislature has approved sale of alcohol at Michigan Stadium on New Year’s Day when the home of Wolverines’ football hosts a game between the Detroit Red Wings and Toronto Maple Leafs.

It was a grumbling that some had about having the game at the Big House…one of several.  But at least we can squash that objection.  There will be over-priced booze on January 1st…and there will be lots of it.

Good on the NHL for making this a condition for the stadium to hold the game…The Big House is being well compensated, being paid an estimated $3,000,000 by the NHL to use their facility for the game (that’s even more than Bret Lebda makes!)

With about 110,000 people expecting to attend – how many fights do you think will take place between drunken fans?  My first thought would be…a lot.