Good End to a Bad Weekend

Many of you saw this gloriousness last night…but for those of you who didn’t – here’s how it ended:

For those of you who did see it, isn’t it lovely to see it again?

Isn’t it nice to have that fifth official up in the booth with Doc Emeric?  He’s supposed to be doing the color commentary, but instead he was the voice of Joel Quenville b*tching about every non-call on Detroit.  “Edzo” seemed to be even worse than usual last night.

And how about that left right cross on Steve Montador by Johan Franzen?  I wish he would do that to the “Edzo”.  As usual, Doc changes to subject every time “Edzo” and Pierre McGuire start crying about the refs.

Jump for more and a little ‘Standings Watch’.

I had a thought this morning – I wonder if other teams get as mad as we do about “Edzo” when they play the Hawks on VERSUS the NBC Sports Network.  I think I’m going to take a poll of some other blogs out there who have to endure the same.  We know that everybody hates Pierre McGuire….but what about the idiot doing the color commentary?  I would assume Philly fans would have something to say after 2010 Finals…but I’ll ask around.

But as for the business end of things…check this out:

Detroit has won five of its last seven games while Chicago has found it self in a four game tailspin.  The pesky St. Louis Blues continue to hang around, but Detroit has two more ‘W’ than they do, giving us sole possession of the Central Division Lead having a game in-hand on Chicago.

As usual, the Western Conference is packed pretty tight with only six points separating second place from tenth place.

But looking at the three teams in the Central with 53 points, we see some interesting fluctuations in team stats.

Detroit has the same amount of goals scored as Chicago (134) but has 29 goals less scored against (DET – 94, CHI – 123).  St. Louis has scored 27 less goals than Detroit (107) and has let in only 5 fewer (89).  What does it all tell you?  It comes down to individual games.  You think the Hawks would trade in some goals in one of those blow out games for one last night?  Too bad that’s not how it works.  What those stats tell me is that Detroit is by far the most well rounded team.  Chicago can win big on occasion, St. Louis can keep the other team from scoring…but Detroit can do both.

It makes me happy.