Give it to the Kid

Center Ice usually pulls the plug on their feed right before the three stars selection, but last night they kept it up long enough to see Pavel attempt to hand off his souvenir hockey stick to a lucky fan. Unfortunately, there were about a half dozen lucky fans waiting for that stick.

Jump to read who got it:

I cropped out the faces of the people involved, because I don’t know the full story behind these fans. Maybe the lady was trying to get the stick for someone she knew. Maybe not.

CBS Detroit asked who deserved the stick. With all those kids around, it’s hard to say. Based on the picture, Pavel seems to be making eye contact with the kid who was eventually awarded the stick once the usher stepped in, so it all worked out.

So what could have been done differently to avoid such an awkward scenario? Well, first of all, it would probably be a good idea to have the players hand the stick out in a random area instead of the same place every time. Fans know where to be to get free stuff from their favorite players, so tossing the stick over the boards at random could help. Then again…

Those are Ducks fans, though, so not a fair example of humanity as a whole.

And no matter what, it’s bound to get ugly there at some point, but luckily Detroit isn’t Chicago, so we don’t have lowlife scum stealing from kids to make a few bucks on ebay.

The point of this post is a call to all NOHS readers to not be “that guy.” Or gal:

Don’t take a souvenir that will make a kid’s day just so you can get a cheap thrill. In fact, try to be the fan that catches a puck and hands it to the nearest kid. Those people are awesome. Guys like the tool at the 2009 Winter Classic are a waste of oxygen.

Don’t be that guy.