Gettin’ Down on Friday

It’s early, it’s Friday, news is slow, the Wings don’t play for another day and I’ve got some time to kill before I got and skate at drop in or “rat hockey” as they call it here in the Windy City.

So why not start the day off with a few videos?

Tomorrow we square off against a team that was once a bitter Norris Division rival.  According to one NOHS reader, Toronto is now good.  And by “good”, they meant “tenth place in the Eastern Conference”…so…um…yeah – I probably would have went with “better than the past few years”.

If anything, I’m more afraid of how Detroit has played at the Air Canada Centre (that’s how they spell it in Canada, right?).

Make the jump for the goods.

Here’s a blast from the past back in 2002…

Zetterberg a good acquisition?  Yeah…I would say that turned out to be a fair assessment.

I don’t know why…but I can’t seem to see Datsyuk ever sitting on a couch…for any reason.

Way to talk over the hit, color guy.

Anyway, that’s all I got for now…which leaves only one question.

Which seat should I take?