Get Your Face on NOHS

Morning, gang.

We have our first Jimmy-less game scheduled tonight against the Oilers.  But before we get into all of that, I wanted to share an e-mail I received yesterday from Grand Valley State University’s all-time leading goal scorer (last I checked)…

Just wanted to give you a little inside information.

On Thursday February 16 Darren Helm is going to be at the Rochester Hills Meijer on Rochester Road. He’s scheduled to be there from 5-7pm. The schedule says that there are going to be interactive hockey games from 5-7 and he’s going to sign autographs from 6-7pm. Might be a good opportunity to meet the Namesake!!!

You’ll have to forgive the egrigious use of exclamation points…but who would be able to hold back their excitement?

I obviously won’t be able to make the trip to Rochester Hills, but it gave me an idea…

Make the jump to see what it is.

Calling all NOHS readers in Southwest Michigan (or those crazy enough to make a special trip there).

Get to that Meijer, play the games and get your photo with The Namesake.  Better yet…make up some embarrassing poster board or small sign with some reference to The Nightmare On Helm Street…or even better still: a shirt from the Blog Store – and e-mail it to us ( and we’ll be sure to post it right here on the site.

Who knows – maybe we’ll do something for the one dubbed as the cream of the crop…


I’ll be sure to post a reminder once the date gets a little closer…but I figured this might be something fun for us to do around here and will help us to start putting faces to screen names.

What say you?

Get your Face on NOHS

Hey gang,

Since it IS possible…though unlikely that this will be my last Red Wings game being viewed in person this season, and since I have a brand new Kodak Zi8 digital HD camcorder (engagement present)…I’m going to be bringing my nice new toy to the game this evening.

So if you want to meet up at the game and say hello to the camera, I can post the videos here on NOHS.  So don’t be shy.

If anyone is interested…just e-mail me at and use the subject “Imma Be on NOHS” (why not?) and let me know who you are and we’ll work on meeting up sometime somewhere during the course of tonight’s festivities.