Get Ready for Some NBC


Sure, we’re all sick of Pierre McGuire.  After the Olympics, NHL Finals, and a season which it seemed like he was the (penis)face of the league, we at least can enjoy next season of Mickey and Kenny, right?

Nope.  NBC has released their NHL schedule for next season, and you best get ready for a season filled with unnecessary background discussion of every junior stop that every Johnny Third-Liner has ever made.

Detroit will be featured on NBC or NBC Sports 17 times next year, three more times than last year and tied for most in the league (with Pittsburgh and Boston). 

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This isn’t as bad as it used to be, as NBC isn’t as painful to watch as Versus once was, but I’d still rather spend my time Ken and Mick.  

And won't you look at that, looks like NBC still believes in the Wings.  I think I’m coming around too.