Gameday Movie Poster: Believe!

There’s two types of Wings fans out there.   Those that look at the good and those that find the bad.   Both are just as dedicated fans, but I’d rather hang around with the ones that believe in the team. 

I wrote a while ago that this team is special and I really mean it.  I believe that they can go all the way.  

I believe that Lidstrom is the greatest Captain in the game right now.  And that Zetterberg has returned to his superstar form. And that Datsyuk has no equal. That Jimmy is the answer in net.  

I believe we’ll get #12 in 12.

And that is Josh’s theme for the day. Believe.  

Check out the poster after the break.


A little different but great none-the-less.  As he put it: 

Last game of the season… whether we win or lose, I still believe.