Gameday Movie Poster & Open Post: The Man Who Wore The Winged Wheel

Today’s contribution from our great Josh Howard is a homemade beauty honoring the great ‘Tuzzi.   As Josh puts it:

If there’s been someone who’s season has ups and downs… it’s Bert.  Bert needs to win a cup before he retires.  I wish only good things for the big lug.

Hit the jump for the poster and today’s featured Not Pavel Datsyuk quote

Notice the flames?  Nice touch sir. 

And now a bonus!  One of our great readers suggested that we do a (Not) Pavel Datsyuk quote for our movie poster/open posts pregame and I loved the idea.  So let’s start off the tradition strong.  Today, NotPavel reflects on his lack of posts during the all-star break: 

Great stuff.   LGRW