Gameday Movie Poster & Open Post: Jimmy’s Throne

Detroit needs a W tonight because it looks like Chicago isn’t going to give us much help against the Blues.  And to get ready for this battle, Josh has put a little extra effort in to his poster for the game tonight.  

Here’s the man himself:

Jimmy’s the boss.  No matter what happens tonight, we still love him.  However, with that said, we need Jimmy to play strong.  He’s gotta see the puck well and keep them out of the net till the piles of bodies and pucks surrounding him need to be pushed aside.  Go get ’em Tiberius….. Let’s roll. 

This one is for the record books ladies and gents.

Hit the jump for the goodness. 

Straight epic. 

And here’s your Not Pavel Datsyuk quote of the game:

I miss me.

Me too (Not) Pav, me too.