Free Press to the Wings: “You Aren’t Going to Win The Cup”

Ah, the few, the dying, the mainstream media members.  And it’s things like this that make me remember why I turned to blogs for my Red Wings reading. 

Take a look at this.   Not only do we have to put up with their daily, repetative boring articles, but now we have to deal with their holier than thou predictions. And not one of these know-nothings believe the Wings will make it past even the conference finals.  Yet, at least one of these idiots has the Sharks going to the finals.  Here we go. 

Mitch Albom: Wings in 6

How will Wings finish in the playoffs: Losing in conference semifinals.

Didn’t even feel like figuring out who else was in the playoffs did ya Mitch? 

Michael Rosenberg: Wings in 6

How will Wings finish in the playoffs: Losing to San Jose in conference finals.

Really?  San Jose?  He does realize this is the playoffs right? 

Helene St. James: Wings in 7

How will Wings finish in the playoffs: Losing to Chicago in conference finals in seven games.

If Chicago makes to the conference finals, they are going to be beaten and bruised.   There’s no way they beat Detroit in a best of seven that far in.  They are too top heavy. 

Drew Sharp: Wings in 7

How will the Wings finish in the playoffs: Losing to Vancouver in conference finals in six.

Evil Drew Sharp makes the only prediction that I can’t openly mock. 

George Sipple: Preds in 6

I hope the Wings are reading these things and getting pissed.