Flyers vs Red Wings Recap: Record Edition

20 straight wins at home. The record has been tied. I would argue that these 20 straight were harder to come by due to the parity in the NHL these days. Then again, all those shootout wins… But wins are wins and we have seen 20 straight at home.

Jump for the recap:

Joey MacDonald made the saves he needed to make when he needed to make them. That’s what backup goalies do. Of the three he let in, I was bummed about the first two since he pretty much deserved assists on them, but he was money in the third period.

The power play has produced lately, especially tonight. How much of that was Detroit and how much was it Philly’s poor PK? Well, the goals were good. Screened shot from the point and Pav with a sweeping one-time wrister. That’s Detroit man advantage hockey.

When Detroit when down 2-1, I thought that it was time for the big guns to show up and carry the team. Sure enough, Datsyuk, Zetterberg and Franzen light the lamp to secure the win.


That mask that MacDonald was wearing should bring in a nice haul for the families of Lokomotiv. If you’re interested in the mask or the sweaters worn by the Wings tonight, give a shout to Christi Forgacs. She’s the Red Wings Merchandise Supervisor. Email her at or give her a call at 313-396-7583. For more information on this subject, click here. The fact that this game was a record night should help sales.

Ericsson earned his check tonight. It’s not enough to just not screw up when you’re making money like he is, so coming back on Simmonds and stopping his scoring chance without taking a penalty was a great play. Need more of that.


Red Wings PK has been great. The puck is being cleared when they get the chance, they’re keeping the play to the outside and blocking passing lanes. A strong PK is at least as important as a strong power play, if not even more.

NOHS Three Stars of the Game:

First Star: Henrik Zetterberg. 3 point night. He was great out there and always looking to shoot. That’s what we need from him.

Second Star: Pavel Datsyuk. Good to see him on the score sheet again. Big PP goal in the second.

Third Star: Johan Franzen. Yet another GWG. Say what you want about his occasional lazy play, but Franzen will be there when we need him most.

NOHS Favorite Moment of the Game: I’m going to go with the Kronwalling of Briere. Kronwall has changed the way he hits based on the rule changes made in the offseason. So many tool-bags claimed he was trying to hurt people, yet he never had to be suspended to adjust his play. Never had to have his career threatened to stop hitting heads. Never had to end another player’s career to get a message across. Ladies and gentlemen, Kronwall is a genius.

This was a great game to watch. And hey, I kind of posted the pregame post and it didn’t kill us all! Next game is Tuesday against the Stars. I’d be gearing up for some trash talking with my neighbors, but none of them know what hockey is. I hate it here. Puck drops at 7:30 EST.