Eddie Olsucks

edzo1We head into tonight as one of those “you better win” games with a wagging finger.  And there’s sure to be plenty of news coming your way…

But in the meantime…

As promised, I polled a few other blogs on the interwebs to get their feelings on our good friend, Eddie Olczyk to see if perhaps it was just us who hated the fact that he gets to do nationally broadcasted games for the team he works for.  Would Mickey Redmond be impartial calling a game for VERSUS The NBC Sports Network?  Hell no.  But would they ever let Mick shoot a wink out to a national audience?  Hell no.

So I sent some very nice and (somewhat) politically correct e-mails to those teams who had the (dis)pleasure of playing Chicago recently VERSUS The NBC Sports Network.  Three teams in month of December (not including us) faced off against “Edzo” and his Blackhawks: Phoenix, Minnesota, and Pittsburgh.  I also figured the sting might still be there for the Philadelphia Flyers would would have seen plenty “Edzo” in 2010 Stanley Cup Finals.

So, as a diplomat for my network, I tried to keep it all in-house here at the Bloguin network and reached out to Hipchecks (Phoenix Coyotes) State of Hockey News (Minnesota Wild) and the infamous Pensblog (guess who they write for).  I had to go over to SBNation to get my Flyers blog, Broad Street Hockey.

Make the jump to read the team that was first to respond…

Oh god man, you have no idea.We like to call him Eddie Olsucks.

Think about this,Olczyk has called tons of Penguin games over the years, a team that he was fired by. And there is no question, in our minds, that he holds that against the Penguins.
He is very quick to remind everyone about him coaching the Penguins, and how he helped Marc Andre Fleury develop.

Let us tell you. He was one of the worst coaches in Penguin history. Yea, the team was bad, but holy shit. Night in and night out he made some of the worst strategic moves ever recorded. 

And now he is on tv,questioning other coaches.

We’re with you 100% of the way.

We heard about his performance (Sunday). There is no way he should be allowed to broadcast national games when the blackhawks are involved. It is embarrassing.

-Pensblog Staff

I found this entry interesting given the fact that they actually show a lot of animosity towards a former coach.  And the fact that they actually take his Penguin stroking as offensive…as a kind of…”I helped this team, they’re good because of me!”  That’s the kind of thing you wouldn’t think about from our end of the rink.

A rare ‘thank you’ to the boys at Pensblog for responding literally like five minutes after I sent them the e-mail.

What do you guys think?