Dream Scenario?

Greg over at Puckdaddy decided to run a little vignette entitled NHL Trade Deadline Dream Scenarios: Whom do you want to go where?


First on the docket is Teemu Selanne…

The Anaheim Ducks are on an incredible roll. A preposterous roll. A roll that Bruce Boudreau would be intimidated to eat. Yet they only have a 3.8-percent chance at qualifying for the playoffs, and a loss here or there before the deadline could bring that even lower.

Selanne hasn’t been thinking about “other options” during the Ducks’ resurgence, but it’s going to have to happen at some point. If he does decide to move, the Winnipeg Jets are the obvious, nostalgic, storybook choice … and yet one that has about a great a shot at winning the Stanley Cup as the Sacramento Kings.

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If you want to see Teemu hoist Stanley like it’s a ceramic pig, then the options are limited. Maybe the Rangers? Maybe back to the Sharks? Or, maybe, skating with best buddy Valtteri Filppula and the Detroit Red Wings at the top of the conference.

Oh yes. That last one would be fun.

Selanne, Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Fransen and Lidstrom on the same power play droooooool.

For most fans, seeing Selanne as a Red Wing will be blasphemy. But what if that leads to Selanne and Lidstrom posing with the Stanley Cup, eh?

Yes, yes…I cringed too when I saw that ol’ Greg forgot how to spell The Mule’s last name.  The ceramic pig quip was a reference to a previous PD post.

As we’ve seen in previous discussions, not all NOHS readers are for this…far from it.  It certainly seems that other options appear to be more attractive to our fan base.  But the price on Selanne would most likely be relatively low in comparison.  I wouldn’t suspect Detroit giving up anything more than a second or later draft pick(s) to acquire Selanne’s services.

Not trying to beat a dead horse here…but the trade deadline IS approaching and I thought it might be worth getting the discussion going again.