Dominated the Dominant

Hey didn’t I used to write here? Well I could not keep visiting this site as often as I habitually do (smoke-break-regularity, as if I were one of those people you see in commercial breaks during the games) after that Vladdy tribute. I know it is not the fault of my co-bloggers, but I am a grown man and being so vulnerable and emotional in regards to a player no one within ear-shot in this part of the desert knows about is something that made me feel a little self-conscious. I cannot begin to describe anything about that article without choking up at the emotions evoked by our fallen hero. The man, lest we forget, Nick Lidstrom said “was better than me” (I’m sorry I can’t back that quote up with a link, but Ken Daniels says that all the time on FSD).

Anyway, Vladimir Konstantinov – a modern day Willehalm in badassery – nostalgia aside, I’d like to polish the Red Wings’ proverbial fingernails on the chest of their metaphorical coat and do something a few commenters on the site hate: Show examples of why the Detroit Red Wings are still the most respected franchise in hockey.

The evidence is from the Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings themselves (straight from the horse’s mouth! If you will). Are you familiar with that old phrase “you’ll have to beat the best to beat the best”? Of course you are, you are visiting a Detroit Red Wings blog. But did you know, you do not actually have to beat them to be the best?

Ladies and gentleman, I give you exhibit A (LAKings Insider):

LOMBARDI: “I think the real test of character was, we were in Detroit and we were up 3-2 with five minutes left and we blow a 3-2 lead and don’t get a point.

And now, exhibit B:

So no, the Los Angeles Kings didn’t fair too well against us, but did, in typical 2011-12 Los Angeles Kings fashion, make it into the history books as they were one of the wins along the way in our NHL record 23 game home win streak. Some of us need something nice to hold us over until Parise and Suter sign on, so relax, and enjoy the glory that is The Detroit Red Wings “Measuring Stick” (which I’m informed is longer than most).