Detroit vs Chicago: Pour on the Hate

Tonight Detroit takes on Chicago for the second time this season, and this one is not your average regular season game.

Detroit can hop Chicago and St. Louis (yes St. Louis) in the standings with a W tonight, and Jimmy can become the 9th Red Wing goaltender to reach 100 wins while wearing the iconic Wheel.

Puck drops at 7:30pm on NBC Sports Network.

Let’s all go to hockey church, synagogue, temple or wherever you’d like and pray, because for the love of Happy Hudler we are going to need it.

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Get pumped up for this one! Nothing feels better than the Wings beating the snot out of the Blackhawks, so here is the game plan brought to you by one of our facebook fans

“Jimmy getting his big 1-0-0 in Squawkerville will only make it all the sweeter. Good game, bad calls, late start. Tomorrow’s plan: get started early, be quick, score a bunch, make all those in ugly jerseys cry.” – Haley Nelson

I concur Haley.

Speaking of Jimmy getting win #100 in Chicago, do you know what other legendary Red Wings got #100 against Chicago? That’s right, Terry ‘Mother F’n’ Sawchuk... Also Tim Cheveldae, but that’s a whole other story.

Are you pumped yet? well, don’t get too excited… If the tweet by Khan last night is true, Babcock is starting Conklin tonight vs the Hawks.

“Babcock says conklin starting sunday in chicago” – @AnsarKhanMLive

Not cool Babs, not cool. Remember when you started Howard against the Blue Jackets and then Conklin against the Capitals… How’d that turn out for you?

Holmstrom should be back in the lineup tonight, and possibly Helm if he gets the clearance. I’ll update you on tonight’s lines once they are made available.

I’d hate to be disappointed by a loss, and I know you would be too, so if any of the players are reading this DONT LOSE! Especially you Conklin.

DET is 361-262-84-9 all-time vs CHI
DET is 146-158-51-5 all-time at CHI
DET is 8-2-1 in their last 11 Sunday games
DET is 6-3-0 in the 2nd of back-to-back games this season
DET was 9-4-1 in the 2nd of back-to-back games last season
DET is 67-3-4 the last 74 times they’ve scored 4+ goals in a game

• V. Filppula has tallied 5G-6A-11P in 9 intradivisional games this season
• V. Filppula recorded his 100th career assist on 4/10/11 at CHI
• N. Lidstrom made his NHL debut on 10/3/91 at CHI
• N. Lidstrom tallied his 100th career NHL point (goal) 4/1/93 at CHI
• N. Lidstrom is 3 assists behind P. Esposito for 21st place in NHL history (873)
• P. Datsyuk has recorded 7G-12A-19P in his last 16 Sunday games
• P. Datsyuk is 2 goals behind S. Samsonov for 10th place all-time in NHL history amongst Russian-born players (235)
• H. Zetterberg recorded his 200th career assist on 1/1/09 at CHI
• H. Zetterberg has tallied 8G-18A-26P in his last 23 Sunday games
• T. Bertuzzi has registered 3G-6A-9P in his last 9 games at CHI
• D. Miller played in his 200th career NHL game on 4/10/11 at CHI

S. Howe vs. CHI, Feb. 21, 1937
C. Liscombe vs CHI, March 13, 1938
M. Bruneteau vs CHI, Nov. 21, 1943
P. Horeck (4) vs CHI, Jan. 23, 1947
R. Conacher (4) @ CHI, March 16, 1947
T. Lindsay vs. CHI, March 16, 1947
J. McFadden vs CHI, Nov. 22, 1947
G. Couture @ CHI, Nov. 28, 1948
G. Howe @ CHI, Jan. 17, 1951
G. Howe @ CHI, Jan. 23, 1951
G. Gee @ CHI, March 11, 1951
G. Howe vs CHI, March 17, 1951
G. Howe vs CHI, Jan. 29, 1953
D. Reibel @ CHI, Jan. 9, 1955
G. Howe vs CHI, March 3, 1955
A. Delvecchio @ CHI, Oct. 18, 1958
F. Smith vs CHI, March 15, 1964
N. Ullman @ CHI, March 29, 1964*
N. Ullman vs CHI, April 7, 1964*
G. Howe vs CHI, March 21, 1965
N. Ullman vs CHI, April 11, 1965*
B. MacGregor @ CHI, Dec. 19, 1965
G. Howe vs CHI, Feb. 6, 1969
V. Nedomansky vs CHI, Oct. 28, 1978
E. Thompson @ CHI, Dec. 16, 1979
R. Duguay vs CHI, Nov. 3, 1983
R. Duguay @ CHI, Feb. 17, 1985
P. Klima @ CHI, March 5, 1986
P. Klima vs CHI, March 22, 1986
T. Higgins vs CHI, Dec. 4, 1987
S. Yzerman vs CHI, April 6, 1989*
S. Yzerman vs CHI, Dec. 15, 1989
S. Yzerman @ CHI, Feb. 14, 1993
B. Shanahan @ CHI, April 13, 2006


We get a special Hulktuzzi today. Dominate!