Desert Night Life – Irresistible

Almost all desert animals are smart enough to stay out of the sun during the hottest part of the day. They stay deep underground in burrows. There the sand is much cooler, and burrowing animals, like the antelope squirrel, the badger, the gopher, the coyote and the kit fox, sleep while you are playing on the dunes. At night, after the sun goes down and the sand cools off, the animals come out to hunt for food. When an animal is active at night and rests during the day, it is called nocturnal.

That comes to us from Digital Desert dot com (the writing, not the picture).

Other animals that like to come out and play in the desert at night include the desert cottontail, the mojave rattlesnake, and Nashville Predators Alexander Radulov and Andrei Kostitsyn.

According to a report I heard on NHL Home Ice today, the two were spotted coming out of a club in Scottsdale, Arizona around 4 o’clock in the morning on Monday…less than 24 hours before they skated to a 5-3 loss in Game Two against Phoenix.  The two have been suspended from the team and will not play in Game Three.

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Just so you all know – Scottsdale is about 30 miles away from Arena…so it would be like the two players were partying it up in Novi, MI if they were playing against Detroit.  Sounds like the pair are really taking this whole playing for Nashville seriously.

kostitsyn_party“Yeah, I mean, I didn’t come back that late. … But like I said before, I don’t want to talk about it. They did what they have to do. I’m good with that. Not good — don’t get me wrong. I’m disappointed and I understand what was my mistake. I really hope that everything’s going to work out for the team better. If I get a chance to play again in the future I’ll help the team to win. That’s about it.”-Alexander Radulov

That quote comes to us via  Kostitsyn refused to speak to the media.

What is it about getting over the hump that is Detroit that makes team lay down in the next round?  Nashville is doing it with Phoenix…and San Jose did it the two years previously.  It’s as if teams win against the Wings and then seem happy to pack it in.

Good ol’ Jack in the Box coach Barrt Trotz says that the team will “get it done without them”…but somehow I doubt it.

We gave Ken Holland a lot of crap for making virtually no moves at the trade deadline.  Would it have been nice to get Paul Gaustad and won more than 30% of the draws in the first round?  Yeah, of course.  But at least we know we have a GM who doesn’t go out and sign clowns like this who clearly don’t give two sh*ts about your franchise, your fans, or winning the Stanley Cup outside of the time they lace up the skates.

Neither player is under contract after this season…and I’m sure if there was anyone in Nashville who could pronounce their names…they’d be calling for their heads.