Defensemen We Could Use

Not too long ago we talked about some forwards around the league that were either free agents or in a position to possibly be moved in a trade. Today we’ll take a look at defensemen that will be available one way or another and what it would cost to get them.

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If Nick comes back it won’t be over money. It will be because he still wants to compete and is confident that Ken Holland will provide him with the teammates he needs to get the job done.

Ryan Suter: Sounds to me like he’s about 95% sure he’s leaving. It also sounds like he wants to win and get paid. That rules out a lot of teams around the league, though I’m sure all of them will make some sort of attempt to at least call his agent to see what’s up. Detroit is one of those teams that can pay Suter the money he’ll want, give him the years he wants and contend every year. “LOL! We lost in the first round to HIS team! Why would he come to Detroit!?!?!?” Because our first round exit was shocking. It wasn’t supposed to happen. Not like that. Nashville losing in the second round? Predictable. They went for broke at the deadline, got a gift in the form of Radulov and… second round exit. I think he can be brought in for $7.5 per year, but if he asks for $8ish, it needs to happen.

Dennis Wideman: Right-handed offensive defenseman. We had one of those once. You know, back when our power play scored goals instead of giving them up. Good times, good times. He produced 45 points while playing in a defensive system. Not bad.

Hal Effing Gill: Ha, not really.

Matt Carle: Young defenseman with some offensive touch. 6 points in 11 playoff games is great, but keep in mind that 6 of those games came against Fleury who was/is terrible at stopping pucks. If he could be got for Kronwall money, I’d go for it.


I’m going to leave this open for you guys. Who do you want and what are you willing to give up to get him? (Emmerton, Mursak and picks will only buy a 5/6 d-man, so don’t bother)


Brendan Smith: Smith will make the Wings this year and hopefully gets a tad stronger in his own end.

The way I see it, best case scenario, our blueline looks like this in October:

Kindl I guess

Quincy is welcome to come back, but if he expects a raise, no way. I don’t even see a spot for him unless one of our guys retires and that’s not happening.

As far as guys who are currently under contract, our blueline looks like this:

no one/no one
Kindl I guess

So who would you want, where would you put them and how would you get them on the team in the first place?

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