Wings Should Offer Weber A Contract Like No One Has Ever Seen: $12M+

Updated 4:16PM w/additional comments at bottom.

Kenny hasn’t impressed this summer yet.  Sure he’s made a few decent behind the scenes moves, but nothing like the summer of Ken like I had hoped.  But he can change it with one, devious, but awesome move.  

Make a one year offer to Weber for something ridiculous, a number he can’t refuse.  Say $11 or 12 million, just for next year.  Maybe more.  

“What?!?” you might ask?  No one is worth that these days.   Maybe not even Lidstrom in his prime.  

Well, hold up.  Here me out.  First off, this puts a lot of pressure on Nashville.  Can they afford $12 million on one player?   I don’t know, but I know who can: Mike Illitch. The Wings have the cap space and deep pockets to do this; they need to take advantage of that and put their thumb on teams that don’t.  Be ruthless Ken; remember, skate to throat. 

Sure, Detroit would be out 4 first rounders.  True. But they’d have possibly the best defenseman in the game today.  That’s worth four first rounders in my mind.  While it’d only be for one year officially, you’d have to have talks with Weber confirming he’d be willing to sign long-term at market value before hitting UFA status.   He’s be stupid to leave this franchise and I think he knows it.  

Hit the jump for more reasons why this would work: 

More-so, Detroit will be left with around $6 million to sign a guy like Doan as well.  Can’t argue with that.  

And, even if Nashville can match, think of it this way: this sets Weber up for UFA next season and the Wings are no worse off compared to where they started. 

A move like this would blow up the hockey world and put Detroit in the driver’s seat for this season and ones to come.  We’d go from having a huge question-mark on the blueline to possibily the best in the league.  At least it might be the meanest.  

It’s crazy, but I think this makes a ton of sense.  You already went outside your comfort zone once Kenny.  Do it again.   

Update:  People are worried about the 1st rounder thing.  I would be too.  But take a look at our past four picks: 

2005: Kindl
2007: Smith
2008: McCollum
2010: Sheahan

Together, there might be two long-term NHL’ers there.There’s one potential star in Smith, but he probably won’t be on the Weber level.  I’d rather have one superstar than those four, even with Smith being part of it. 

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