Coyotes vs Red Wings Recap 1.12.2012

It wasn’t a blowout, but it could have been. The important thing, though is that the good guys came away with 2 points.

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Mursak was good tonight. He had plenty of chances, many of them he created himself with a strong fore-check.

It seems that no matter what the fourth line combination is, it gives the opposition fits. Speed, determination and depth are the reason why, in my humble opinion.

Not many looks at the power play, again. When it was on the ice, it was deadly looking.

Howard with his 100th win and Babcock with his 400th. So who gets the game puck?

Lidstrom joined the play a lot tonight. He even led one rush, which was cool. Pretty sure he’s 26 years old.

Howard was flexing his knee quite a bit after that late collision. Sounds like he’s okay, though: “Little bit of a Charlie Horse, but I’ll be all right.” That from the Red Wings twitter feed.


White had wheels tonight. Not just in OT when he had room, but even with guys around him. I’d say he was about a fourth star.

Smith was on fire tonight and as Val and Hudler learned, shooting along the ice and hoping to find a hole when he can see the puck is a sure way to help him make a save. Need to shoot high or deke him. Or both.

NOHS Favorite Moment of the Game: Mick basically confessing that the sticks he gave the Hockey Hall of Fame were not the 50 goal sticks they had requested. I love that guy.

NOHS 3 Stars:

First Star: Zetterberg. He wasn’t the best player during the game, but he was the best when we needed him to be. I love it when he does that move. Smith knew he had been beat even before the puck crossed the goal line. It’s almost as if he knew he’d be on the short end of a viral youtube video.

Second Star: Mursak. Yup. First NHL game since the preseason, so in reality first NHL game since last year and he was good all night. No points, but he had his chances as I mentioned earlier. Welcome back.

Third Star: Hudler. Why Hudler, who also had zero points? Because he blasted a shot from the slot when he had options to pass to guys who were in a lesser scoring position. He does that a LOT and he didn’t back when he used to score 20+. So keep it up, Happy. Shoot that puck!

It sucks that the game was so close and needed a shootout, but the Wings played a strong game all night. Give Phoenix credit, they did put a lot of pressure on the puck when the Wings tried to leave their own zone, but at the end of the day, the Wings deserved the 2 points that they got.

Next game is Saturday against the Amateurs. Puck drops at 12:30 for some stupid reason. It’s on NBC, which means we’ll probably be stuck listening to Edzo.

Who thinks he starts the broadcast by whining about the too-many-men that wasn’t called? And odds that no one brings up Chicago getting away with it twice just seconds later?