Could Selanne Be An Option?

selanneRWBruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun stated via Twitter (where bloggers get their news first) that the Rangers, Bruins, Sharks and Red Wings have all inquired about the availability of Teemu Selanne. Take that for what you will, as Garrioch’s track record is on par with Eklund. Only he works for an actual credible newspaper and not a pay for news scam that is Hockeybuzz (I won’t even link it it’s that crappy).

The thought of adding Selanne, however likely or unlikely the rumor is does get the wheels turning.

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1) Selanne has a no trade clause that he would have to waive if a deal were going to go down at the deadline.

2) He has stated befor that he wants to retire a Duck (pull a Modano)

3) San Jose makes the most sense as he wouldn’t have to move far from his family

4) The Bruins don’t seem to be a fit with their aggressive style of play

5) The Rangers? If I were Selanne I wouldn’t gamble my last shot at a cup on the Rangers.

6) The Wings fit his style. They love veterans, he loves Filppula and would probably be playing on the same line. Plus the Wings have the track record that gives him the best shot at winning the cup.

Yes, Selanne is 41, but so is Lidstrom. They both seem to be drinking from the same water fountain as neither one has lost a step.

The guy has 44 points (15G, 29A) and a +7 which is good enough to lead the Ducks in scoring. All the more impressive as they have players like Perry, Getzlaf and Ryan. Don’t forget that the Ducks are the 28th place team in the league.

He has 7 power play goals, something that the Wings could use to jump start their own lackluster numbers.

Did I mention that he is 41?

The brain trust is in Vegas as we speak planning their moves, and for us fans February 27th can’t come soon enough. They can add a little over 14 million in salary if they made a deal today, and almost 27 million if they wait until the deadline. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kenny go all in to make sure TPH gets a fair crack at hoisting his 5th cup, but then again I wouldn’t be surprised if he did nothing at all. (capgeek)

What would you give up for a player like him? 1st round pick? Roster player? Prospect? all of the above?