Commie Has Earned His Spot In The Lineup

Prior to December 21st, Commodore, recently a #1 pairing defenseman in the league, had played a total of three games for the Wings.  And you know what you heard from him?  

Nothing. Which is exactly what you wanted to hear from a guy who was ran out of town for having a bad attitude.  If asked about it, he simply would say, when the chance comes, that he wants to be able to show his stuff.

“When I get an opportunity, I want to play as well as I can, and I want to make sure I’m ready to go,” he said. “Whether that’s every night, whether that’s every other night, once a week — I just want to make sure I’m ready and do well with the things I can control.”

He’s consistantly said the right things from day one.   Hit the jump for why I feel he’s our go-to-guy in the playoffs


Well his chance has come and he’s fit in very nicely in the number #6 spot on the blueline when called upon.  He can fight.   He can hit.  He’s the kind of guy you can rally around.  And I think that having him in that spot gives the Wings the best chance to win in the playoffs this year.  

He’s Lilja with more of an edge and maybe slightly more offensive talent.  Kindl has been great this year, don’t get me wrong.   But I like a sixth defensemen to be able to be rough and tough when it comes down to it.  Commie brings that.  Kindl doesn’t.  He’ll be a great D in the future for the Wings, but the offense, while solid, isn’t enough to keep his spot.  

Simply put, in my mind, right now, Commie gives Detroit the best chance to win #12 in 12. 

What do you think? 

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