Closing Up Shop – Locked Out On Helm Street


This sucks.

I love the Wings.  I love watching, reading and writing about the team and the sport.  That’s what brought about NOHS—Drew loved the Wings and wanted to share his thoughts with others.  And from that it has grown into the site it is today.  It absolutely astonished me every single day that people, real (internet) people, wanted to read what Andrew, Twig, Brandon, Jeremy and Jordan had to say (and Josh’s amazing posters) about the happenings of the Wings.  And moreso, I couldn’t wait to read the comments, good and bad, from our awesome readers.  You all made every post worth it. It still blows my mind when I think about it, that somehow, we were accepted into the Wings blog community.

But Gary and Donald have taken the Wings from us, lying to our face as they stabbed us in the back.  These two made themselves more important than the owners, players and game they are supposed to represent.  They’ve let us down, time and time again.   And unfortunately, after being abused for the past however many years by Gary and pals, we’re all done with it.  

For the first month or two of the lockout, I could have written an article or two a day about how angry it made me.  But that’s subsided–now I’m just disappointed.  I’m disappointed in the players.  I’m disappointed in the owners-that Mr. Ilitch hasn’t stepped up to do what is right.  I’m disappointed in everyone who’s had anything to do with the sport pretty much. 

And even that disappointment is fading into apathy.  I’m finding myself busy with other things.  I used to check Kuklaskorner, TSN and Puck Daddy almost hourly, even in the summer.  Now I’m finding days, sometimes weeks, where I neglect to even look at what is happening.  I just don’t care. 

So as of today, we’ve decided that we’re hanging up the skates and closing up shop at NOHS. Without hockey being played, we are being robbed of magic moments from Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Smith, Howard, and friends.  And without those magic moments, writing a blog about the Wings feels, well pointless.  Sure, we could probably give you up to date news from the lockout, but that’s not what we are in this for.  Writing about the Wings is fun.  Giving news is a job, plus plenty of other places can do that a lot better than us. 

 Is this permanent?  I don’t know.  I certainly can’t speak for the other guys, but right now, the magic about being a Detroit Red Wings fan, to me at least, is gone.  There’s a chance that if the league started up again next week, we’d all be right back where we were, letting you know how pissed we are at Sammy, how incredible Datsyuk is, or detailing the magic between Brunner and Zetterberg.  Hockey is that special of a sport.  But right now though, I can’t see that.  While I’m not going to lie and pretend I wouldn’t watch and follow the Wings anymore, I think the diehard in me has moved on.   I don’t think the game will ever regain the magic and wonder it has always held in my heart.

I guess we’ll see what all becomes of this.   But for now, we all just wanted to say thanks again to all our readers, those who have followed us from the beginning. 

And, in true NOHS fashion, Josh wanted to give us one more poster before we called it a lockout.  And of course, it couldn’t be more appropriate.   A talented man he is. 

Thanks again everyone. It’s been a hell of a ride and I hope there’s more in the future.   But, for now, we'll leave you with this: