Changes Mean Changes

I have not heard anyone say that the Wings’ roster is fine as is, though that doesn’t mean those people don’t exist. For those of us who get it, there still remain some people who don’t seem to understand what making changes to the team means and, even if they do understand it, they don’t realize how difficult trading is.

Jump for some Pro Tips from an amateur GM:

1: In order to make roster changes, there will be guys that you like that will be moved or not resigned. You like Abdelkader? That’s nice. Me too. But guess what? He could be part of a package deal to land a guy who, hopefully, makes the team better.

7: I know you don’t like Kindl or Emmerton and are willing to see them go, but you know what you’ll get back for Kindl or Emmerton? A guy like Kindl or Emmerton. I’d like to have Rick Nash on this team, but there’s no way he comes to Detroit for a fourth liner, a 7th defenseman and draft picks. That might work on EA Sports, but in real life, it doesn’t.

9: Just because a guy leads your team in goals doesn’t mean he’s a great goal scorer. I could have the biggest penis in China. Big deal! If our best goal scorer only scored 20 goals would you guard his roster spot with your life? No, you wouldn’t. Franzen is still an asset because of his low cap hit, but if he could be used in a trade to improve our goal scoring, that needs to happen.


10: We don’t have to trade a forward for a forward. We’re losing Stuart. That sucks. We may not sign an equivalent replacement. That sucks, too. But what if we could trade Hudler for a defenseman of equal value? Some teams have a ton of defensive depth, but not much scoring. IF the Wings sign the free agents on our wish lists, we could spare Hudler.

“But Hudler scored twice against Nashville!”

And Pavel scored once. So Hudler is more valuable than Pav? For every goal Hudler scored, he killed 5 chances by making a terrible pass. I’m fine with him on the third line or on the second line if needed because of injury, but if we think Hudler’s production can’t be replaced, get ready for golf every April.

“But I like him!”

See step Sawchuk.

12: NHL GM’s are heartless, so be prepared to say “How could he let ____ go!?” Yes, Ken Holland was loyal to Malbty and Draper by not ditching them when many other teams would have, but he’s also going to do whatever he can to help the team. I was reading a book about the 2002 Stanley Cup winning team a while back and I learned that Osgood and Holland were pretty good friends. Not just associates from the same company, but they were next-door neighbors on some lake in Canada during the summer. Osgood was still a good goalie in 2001, but that didn’t stop Holland from trading for Hasek. Ozzie was pissed. He called Ken to yell at him and Ken says, “Chris, it’s Hasek!” That’s a gutsy thing to say to a friend/neighbor, but it was also true. We all loved Ozzie, but that trade made our team better. Hearts will be broken on the road to #12.

19: I’d give anything below Datsyuk/Zetterberg for a right-handed 40+ goal scorer, but that’s just me.