Bringing The Hate – Gary Bettman’s Very Own Movie Poster

Unsurprisingly, Gary Bettman has cancelled the first month of games.   So how do we show our anger over here at NOHS? 

With a movie poster of course! 

What a beauty eh?  Josh hasn’t lost his touch over the summer and really seems powered by the hate. 

But this time, it’s not just a movie poster, it’s the combo meal.  We’ve had each member of NOHS’ explain his feelings towards the NHL’s dictator vampire soul sucking terrorist commissioner. We were going to have each be one paragraph and all be contained within this post, but the hate spilt over and this is going to be a multiple post series.  We’ll start with Jordan’s feelings on the devil himself:

Dear Mr. Bettman,

I would just like to say that I hate you. Why have you taken the sport that I love and run it into the ground? Why have you taken the great traditions that us fans hold so dear and soil them with your dirty money hungry hands. This sport needs dynasties, not parity. It needs a Red Wings / Habs cup final. It needs its superstars to play in cities where fans come in droves to cheer them on, not cities with cacti and tumblweeds. I hate you, and I hate what you have done to our sport.


Drew and Josh's thoughts are after the jump:

Here are Drew’s thoughts:

I can't hate the commish out right…well, yes I can.  But there's something to be said about the owners wanting to keep him around for as long as they have.  When Jimmy D came out and defended him so vigorously – it had to make you stop and think.  Then again, Jimmy D has said some pretty interesting things over the years.  But the Red Wings brass (Mr. Illitch in particular) seem to back the little troll.  Illitch doesn't quite seem the type to sit back and let other people speak for him – you would think that anyone who has risen to the ranks of a professional team owner would have a similar mindset.  So when your beloved owner backs someone you hate so much…what do you do?  The answer is you get three work stoppages in a single tenure (so far).  At the end of the day – I'm letting the big wigs call the shots and I'm trying to remain calm and collected.  If the Winter Classic gets cancelled – then it's a different story altogether.

That’s calm cool and collected.  Clearly Drew’s matured a little since our days playing college hockey together…

Next up is Josh Howard:

Bettman…. what else is there to say that hasn't been said.  If you can't even get both sides to the table, I don't want you around.  I won't defend Bettman, but I still believe he's doing what the owners want.  They want to keep more money.  In the end, I can be angry and I can be sad.  But, one thing's for sure; we're all losing our wonderful hockey while this empty suit parrots the owners wishes.  It's just terrible that it's come to this.

Josh puts it well.  Sort of a hopeless feeling when it comes down to it. 

Now, like I said above, I was going to include Twig’s, Sully’s and my thoughts on this as well.  But each of us wrote enough, and our thoughts were different enough that each deserves its own post.  Twig brings the hate in such a great way.   Sully gets political with us.  And I explain why GB sucks at his job.  So parts II-IV are coming over the next few days.  

It’s started.  Games have been cancelled.   I'm pissed.  Are you?   Let us know how you feel below.