Blues vs. Red Wings Recap 1.23.2012

Great 3-1 win tonight by the good guys. Blues fans will pat themselves on the back for backing a team that fights, and we’ll celebrate another win. It’s great to be us.

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Seemed to me that our guys weren’t finishing their checks in the first. Helm did, Stuart did, but other guys were passing up the chance to lay a hit. I think hits were about even after the first, but I disagree with those numbers. Team needed to match the Blues’ physical play. They did in the second. Helm continued to lead the way and the rest of the team followed.

Helm seemed to have a chip on his shoulder. Mad that Drew forgot his birthday? I think so. He’s also mentally tough. I know we toss that phrase around a lot, but when a guy is draped all over you and taking liberties with you, it’s hard to not swing back. He did the same thing last year with Jovanovski, though he didn’t draw a penalty. Some call it spineless; I call is mentally tough. His Stanley Cup ring agrees with me.

Only goal against was the result of a bad line change. Three Blues were able to skate in on one defender and bury it. I don’t know about you, but seeing a guy get his second goal of the year on our team stings a bit.

Homer approaching game 1,000 in a Detroit uniform. Which means he’s probably been cross-checked 35,000 times.

Jackman is a neanderthal.

Power play came around tonight. If they keep making teams pay on the power play, they won’t need an enforcer. Let the scoreboard do the talking.

Howard is a beast. Anyone wearing blue was getting decked in that scrum. I could live to be 100 and I probably won’t find a Red Wings goalie I’ll like more.

NOHS Favorite Moment of the Game: No question, Mike Babcock telling Pierre to get out of his face. “If I could finish talking to you and get back to doing my job we can go to it.” Babs has always been a bit short with Pierre, but this time he didn’t hold back. I’d be surprised if Pierre asks him another question in the middle of a game.

The Production Line caught a few spelling fails by NBC. I can understand getting Abdelkader wrong, but the guy you followed around for 36 hours? The best defenseman in NHL history? So pathetic:

NOHS Three Stars of the Game:

First Star: Jim Howard. Only one goal against tonight. A few great saves and once again proved to be the team enforcer.

Second Star: Pavel Datsyuk: Goal and an Assist tonight, plus some great hits. If Pavel is hitting, everyone has to hit. The team responded and they got the win.

Third Star: Mule. Great goal in front of the net. He also took quite a few cheap shots, but didn’t retaliate.

So, do you all hate the Blues yet? What a bunch of hacks. Who did you like tonight? Who did you hate?

Next game is Wednesday in Montreal. Red Wings, if you’re listening, please don’t play down to these guys. Win by 7. Puck drops at 7:30 EST. See you then.