Gameday Movie Poster & Open Post: Punisher

bertuzzi_bobbleheadToday’s been a hell of a day for Bertuzzi.  First new contract.  Tonight is his Bobblehead night.  And now he’s being featured by Josh Howard in tonight’s movie poster. What more could he ask for? 

As Josh explains: 

Still super surprised their are people that don’t like him being with the Wings.  How can you like the Wings and not say he’s one of the greatest reclamation projects?  Dude does what he’s told.  He plays much smarter than he ever has….and HE’S CHEAP!  How many two million dollar guys can play with Datsyuk on a nightly basis?  Guy still has it even though he goes through dry spells.  The namesake loves him like a father and that’s enough for me.

Hit the jump for the greatness

Great stuff.  Let’s see Bertuzzi punish some Canucks tonight.

And finally, here’s Not Pavel Datsyuk for your gameday quote of the day: 

Player Poll was very kind to me! Thank to all the players who vote. For the record, I vote Homer in every category, even best coach.