Back to Hockey

holland1Well, gang – it’s back to hockey.  Today is the first day that the Red Wings can start proving that Kenny Holland was right NOT to sell the farm or trade away assets because this team is capable of winning the Cup without looking for outside help.

Kenny was never a guy to make moves for the sake of making moves.  I know we’re all still pretty peeved at him for standing idly by while Nashville went out and got a coke fiend and a hulking 10 goals-a-season forward in addition to the USS Hal Gill.  Maybe I’ll be eating my words…but the pieces that Nashville added still doesn’t have me shaking in my boots should we see them in a seven game series come this spring.

A win would be nice tonight.  We head on the road against the worst team in the league who has gotten even LESS dangerous after the deadline. But it’s a win that we need.

Make the jump for my explanation ‘why’.

We need this win for morale.  I’m sure the players’ morale is just fine.  Their boss has given the current team (Commie excluded) a vote of confidence that he thinks that they’re good enough to go all the way.  We need this win tonight for the FANS’ morale.  There’s a lot of angry people out there.  A lot of discouraged Red Wing fans.  They wanted a move, they pleaded for a move, they didn’t get that move.  So this team, tonight, has an opportunity to start gaining that confidence back.  During that 23 game home winning streak?  Sky high.  After losing three straight?  Not so much.

There’s another big reason that we need this win tonight.  There was another team who made even less moves than we did yesterday.  They dwell about five hours due south of Chicago and they picked up another win last night against Calgary.  They own the season series with Detroit right now, have won seven of their last ten and have made the standings look like this…

Does losing the Division Lead with 19 games left in the season turn this from a “should win” game into a “must win” game?  Not technically.  But we need this win tonight.  We need a confidence booster.  We need to be reminded that Ken Holland has this ship pointed in the right direction.  And we need Rick Nash NOT to be a Wing-killer…not tonight.

Let’s just go into Columbus and take care of business.  It’s Red Wings hockey – and it’s time to start playing like it again.