Another Great Morning

The 2011-2012 Detroit Red Wings have successfully established themselves as the most dominant home team in the history of the NHL.

Did anybody else wander over to this morning knowing that our Wings were going to be front row center?  Did you happen to see the second article on the main page?

The one titled ‘Hawks Fall Again’?  Our little brother in the Windy was handed their ninth straight loss last night…

Chicago’s 1-8-1 record in their past 10 games means they’re 15 points behind Detroit in the Central Division…

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Here are your standings as of this morning…

Things are looking alright now…

  • Detroit is eight points clear of Nashville with Bubba only having one game in-hand
  • St. Louis dropped their game last night to Columbus (tee hee) and now sit five points back with two games in-hand
  • Chicago keeps losing
  • We have Columbus’s points times two

Only 24 games left on the schedule.  14 of those games are at Joe Louis Arena.

And a little tid bit from Twig (Ryan).  Apparently, Ken Daniels will be calling this Sunday’s game against the Sharks on NBC.  Should be interesting to see.  We asked for it, now we’ve got it.  My gut tells me Ken Daniels will prove to be consummate professional…but we’ll have to wait and see.

Maybe he’ll decide to give the Sharks crew a taste of their own medicine.