Amateurs vs Red Wings Recap 1.14.2012

Still trying to catch my breath after that one. Amazing final 25 minutes there. While it took OT to beat a bunch of amateurs, it resulted in 2 points and the home winning streak is at 14.

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Flukes. Two Chicago goals, two flukes. One off of the boards and to a wide open tool bag and another off of Lidstrom’s perfect skates. It happens. Annoying that Chicago gets a point off of flukes, but considering the puck jumping Howard’s stick in the first and him making the save of the night, it could have been worse.

That third period was terrible. At least early on. Turns out our all-star goalie is better than their three all-star forwards. Ha! But honestly, when Miller went off for 4 minutes in the middle of all that pressure, I thought we were in trouble. Still, the guys did a great job killing it off and Miller almost scored out of the box, but he shot it low. Don’t shoot low on these goalies and their 2,800 square feet of padding. Go high.

Loved Helm’s check late in the game that resulted in him on a 2 on 1 with Cleary. Don’t recall who he hit, but you can tell he didn’t expect to get hit like that. Awesome.

James Howard. What can I say about him? He was the difference tonight. Our goalie is better than their goalie and it showed. His son was at the game tonight, too. I’m sure that gave him a boost. Good to see him give props to Mike Vernon at intermission, too. It’s easy to remember how great Hasek and Osgood were, but without Vernon, Osgood isn’t the goalie he turned out to be.

Hank was Hank today. Good shots, good looks at the net, strong on the puck. The goals will come. He’s too good to not score.

Why must Pierre McGuirre always ask other people if they agree with him? “Detroit is really forcing the play, huh Edzo and Doc?” “Chicago doing much better on the draws today, wouldn’t you say, Edzo?” Hey man, if you don’t know, just be quiet. What good is having a second commentator if he a) doesn’t know what’s going on, 2) is so desperate for approval that he asks for it or III) is Pierre McGuirre? just once I’d like to hear Doc say, “No, I don’t think so at all.”

Ian White was great today. He really looked like a young Rafalski out there. One who plays strong in his own zone. Nice deflect-able shot for Homer, too.

Once again, Chicago gets more power plays than Detroit. Those chances Chicago got were legit, but Chicago got away with stuff all night. Good to see they still can’t beat us even when they have the refs in their pocket. And hey, no penalty shot! On that note, Edzo was grumbling about another too-many-men penalty that he claims the Wings got away with. No one played the puck, but he died a little inside when it was missed. Later on, Chicago absolutely got away with too-many-men but Edzo, like the refs, missed that one. It happens.

NOHS Three Stars:

First Star: Howard. 2 fluke goals robbed him of his shutout, but he was good enough to get the win. He’s awesome.

Second Star: Todd Bertuzzi. When Bert plays well, the Wings don’t lose. Tonight he was awesome. He also knows to shoot the puck high on his breakaway chances, which is why he’s so good one on one against the goalie. The GWG was just him being in the right place at the right time and burying the shot.

Third Star: Pavel Datsyuk. That pass on Bert’s first goal was something that only Pavel could pull off. While being interviewed by Pierre, Bert said of Pavel: “I’ll tell you right now that Pavel Datsyuk is the best player I have ever played with.” I believe that.

NOHS Favorite Moment of the Game: Pierre McGuirre interviewing Quinneville and suggesting they switch the lines a bit, then, low and behold, Chicago changes their lines. Blackhawks fans, your dignity was saved by Pierre McGuirre, today. Enjoy.

Next game is Monday against the Sabers. Puck drops at 7:30 EST.