All Star Votes are In

2012ASGlogoWell, gang – the voting for the 2012 NHL All Star Game is closed and the results have been announced.

We here at Nightmare on Helm Street probably should have done a better job at lobbying for votes.  The Detroit Red Wings have such a great internet following but I’m not entirely sure we fully utilized this for the purposes of getting our guys to the All Star Game.  With the new format, fans vote for six players, from either conference (three forwards, two defencemen, and one goaltender), and the NHL selects another 36 players, for a total of 42 players.  Now that part of the elections are in our hands…I feel like it is our duty as bloggers to do what is necessary to get our players into this game.

It is a great honor to play in the ASG…anyone will tell you that.  We’ve got our share of All Star Talent.  Do the results show this?

Make the jump and decide for yourself.

Here are the voting results per…

What a shock…the host city has the top three vote-getters for forwards.  Steven Stamkos at 16th?  That seems a bit odd.  I’m happy to see two Red Wings in the top 15.  How about defense?

Lidas är Kung.  Google that phrase and see what site pops up first…c’mon, humor me.  Seeing that three out of the first four are all from the province in which the game is being played – Lidstrom is the unofficial king.  Second-time captain?  Should be – if the league doesn’t want to go all “PC” and feel it a necessity to give someone else a turn.  I’m also pleased to see Kronner’s name getting some recognition.

And the (stupid) goalies?

Looks like the NHL was underestimating Jimmy once again…as he wasn’t even on the ballot to begin with.  How many more votes would he have acquired if he was right in front of everyone’s face from the start?  It’s debatable.  But the fact that he is leading the league in ‘W’s is NOT debatable.  Even as a write-in, Jimmy takes the top spot in Western Conference votes for a goalie.  Not bad.

As always…I would love to get everyone’s thoughts on this and possible suggestions for how we can do a better job keeping you informed next year.  Perhaps a weekly “don’t forget to vote” post…what do you think?