So it’s becoming habit for me to hop out of bed, do the zombie walk to my office, get on the computer and check last night’s scores.

I don’t say this often – but thank you, Pittsburgh!


With the Pens Blog participating in our Eddie Olczyk project, and the Penguins taking care of St. Louis’ game in-hand on us…those Penguins have given us two gifts in the past couple weeks.  Kinda makes me feel like river dancing.  Anyway, it’s also always nice to see the Blackhawks lose…but damn those Predators.

Nashville has pulled even with St. Louis and Chicago at 64 points.  That giant of a goalie has won nine straight games.

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It’s academic that Bubba will always be a pain to play – so long as they have that neck-less bulldog behind the bench.  They’re 9-1-0 in their past 10 games.  And they’ve been doing it the same way they’ve always done – tough defense, solid goaltending, and scoring by committee.  Patric Honrqvist leads the team in goals with 14…crazy.

We won’t see how our Red Wings match up against the Predators until mid next month when we invade Carrie Underwood’s home town (apparently, they have a hockey team too).

What do you think the standings will look like by then?

The better Nashville plays, the less-likely they’ll be to movie Ryan Suter before the trade deadline.  I know you guys want a power forward, but to get a marquee name like a Rick Nash or *shudders* Ryan Getzlaf – we’d have to give up something more than draft picks.  And even if Stuart wants out of Detroit (which will make me very sad) swapping out one of our better defensive defensmen for another scoring threat may not be what the doctor ordered.

But in the meantime, we’ve got to keep taking care of business.  We head into Montreal tonight for the final game before the All-Star Break.  It’s a familiar circumstance heading into enemy territory to face a squad we should be able to handle…needless to say: I’m nervous.