30 Wins

Things are looking good.  The Red Wings are riding a four game winning streak.  Last night, they brought their road record to ALMOST .500.  We found out that Conklin can win more than two games and stop all three in a shootout (he had never won a shootout game heading into this season).

We also found out that little guys can do the Swedish shootout move.  Jiri Hudler dazzled us with his best Z impersonation…


That’s a beautiful site.

Make the jump for something else that’s pretty.

First to 30 wins means we are on top of the Western Conference…

The Rangers defeat of the Nashville Predators last night kept us from being tops in the league…but there’s plenty of time before we have to start worrying about the Presidents Trophy…if that’s even something to worry about at all…(it isn’t).

St. Louis remains idle today…but the slumping slug Buffalo Sabres roll into the United Center tonight.  Let’s hope Ryan Miller and the gang can NOW fix whatever’s bothering them.