The Thing That Won’t Die, in the Nightmare That Won’t End.

cbj_logoThat tag line is probably what Columbus Blue Jackets think about playing the Detroit Red Wings in this wonderful 13 win season they’re having so far.

The last time we played a team that we should have handled easily, we ended up getting our butts whipped by four goals.  But that was on Long Island and this is Joe Louis Arena, baby.

And what a shocker – we get no help from the rest of the league playing against Chicago last night and I wouldn’t expect Buffalo to snap their 10+ game losign streak on the road tonight in St. Louis.

So who do we turn to take care of business?

Make the jump to find out…

“Why didn’t you bring any weapons, something more advanced? Don’t you have, uh… ray guns? Show me a piece of future technology.”

Here you go, courtesy of Josh Howard:


It cant form complex machines, guns and explosives have chemicals, moving parts, it doesn’t work that way, but it can form solid metal shapes….like stabbing weapons.

Let’s show Columbus what we’re made of tonight, not liquid metal…not a neural net processor (a learning computer).  We are the mighty Red Wings and we want our top spot in the conference back.