Putting the Funk into the Dunk

It’s almost game time, baby.  When do you think the Lions and the Red Wings BOTH played on the same night in January?  It’s been at least 13 years since that’s happened.  I have my TiVo set to record both so I don’t have to miss a minute of action on either game.  While the Honolulu blue is an unlikely sight, the movie poster madness of Josh Howard is a mainstay around here.

I decided to let the man himself – Josh – introduce this installment of movie poster awesomeness:


Well, I got a bit inspired this week.  This weekend I will present to you a Will Ferrel movie poster weekend.  Here is the first of two.  

Of course, we’re going to make you do the jump to see and hear the explanation from our resident photoshop wizard. 

High expectations that simply were not met…one could say that for Phil Kessel last year.  Sure, he’s playing great this season and may end with a billion points as our friends up north want to point out.  However, It’s still funny when you think about his appearance in the ASG last year.  I will always remember him that way… sitting in a chair… the dark, empty seats that surrounded him… picked dead last.  That was good for a chuckle.  Maybe he sustains, but screw that… we hate the Leafs and they hate us so why should our feelings about him be any different.  So, with that said… I give you a Semi Pro Maple Leaf_now with more waffles! –Josh Howard

Let’s go Red Wings! Clap clap – clap clap clap!  Let’s go Lions! Clap clap – clap clap clap!  Let’s go MO TOWN! Clap clap – clap clap clap!