You’re All Welcome

So I left for the road to a friend’s jobkeg and other extracurricular activities on Friday and was forced to miss Game 4.  I knew we’d win, but I also knew that means it’s the first game of the series I hadn’t watched and also the first win they’d get.  I told Andrew that if they did pull out the W, this means, by virtue of my superstitions, I’d forgo watching their next game.  And furthermore, that I may not see another game all season.  One way or another, that’s a true statement when you break it down and draw it out.

We won.  I rejoiced and forced others to suffer through a moment of me blanking them out to watch highlights early Saturday morning.  Sunday’s game I was on the road once again, this time to see my Mother for the holiday.  Sure, it was only the start of the second when I got in, I could have found a feed on their computer or LB’d.  But they don’t have VS here (thanks Gary!) and felt like I needed to maintain my commitment to the team.  So I ignored it save for irregular updates via my Droid™.

And again, we pull out a 4-3 win thanks to Jimmy’s heroics and a late goal to break a 3-3 tie.  Weird.  Weird that when I stick to a superstition, we f***ing win.  This sort of belief in the supernatural could make me become very religious, even to the point of baptizing people into my following.  Probably just make me a bigger weirdo though.  I do plan on sticking to what I said though.  I will not be watching Game 6 in Detroit.  You’re all welcome, too.

Brother Francis of the Albertian Order would approve of my solemn oath.  My dedication to this team is unparalleled by anything else I do, either in the office or at home.  Just ask my boss at work or the dog at home how “committed” I am to any other concept, regiment, schedule or set of tasks that need completing.  Lack of interest?  Well compared to my love of Red Wings Hockey, yeah, that’s an understatement.

(I will not) see you next game. 

L.G.R.W. and enjoy the full collapse of Jumbo Joe Thornton.