You Wanna Be Just Like Detroit

CBC released their player poll and turns out that NHL’ers rightfully respect the Wings and their players.  Detroit, either as a team or represented by their players finished in the top vote of many categories.  Here’s the ones where Detroit figured in and my comments.

Here’s Happy Being Happy. 

Team You’d Most Like to Play On:

Detroit 14%
Vancouver 11%
Chicago 11%
NYR 8%
Tampa Bay (Yzerman Effect?) 6%

Ken Holland and Mike Illitch’s on and off ice product is coveted for a reason.  You want to be a Red Wing because taking a little less to play for the Wings makes you so much more.

Which Rink Has the Best Ice:

Rexall Place 37%
Bell Centre 15%
Joe Louis 13%
Xcel Energy 8%
Rogers Arena 7%

Which coach demands the most of his players?

John Tortorella: 28%
Mike Babcock: 24%
Guy Boucher: 7%
Brent Sutter: 6%
Dan Bylsma: 4%

If you remember, after the first team Canada skate, NHL all-stars were complaining that they had never skated that hard in their lives before.  Demanding a lot and yelling a lot though are different things. That’s why Tortorella ends up on this list, but not on the one you’d most like to play for.

Which coach would you most like to play for?

Dan Bylsma: 21%
Mike Babcock: 18%
Dave Tippet: 9%

Can’t argue with Bylsma barley beating out Babbles, he seems like an excellent coach. 

Which rink has the worst boards/glass?

Detroit 12%
Montreal 11%

Seems to me that the media view of the lively boards has caught on.  Here’s what CBC had to say:

The Joe Louis is obviously loved by the players, and that must be because of the atmosphere There aren’t a lot of places where the fans are so vocal and knowledgeable.

However, the lively, but rigid boards and glass are a big minus. Getting slammed into the seamless glass and boards in Detroit is like being hammered into a brick wall.

Seemless glass at Joe Louis?  I think you’re making things up CBC, you lying liars:

Who is the toughest defensemen?

Zdeno Chara: 34%
Nick Lidstrom: 20.3%
Chris Pronger: 20%

This is sort of a stupid question.  Toughest in what way? To beat one on one? Nick wins that one going away.   Toughest as in meanest?  Chara and Pronger are certainly up there.  Bad question CBC.

Which player would you select to start a franchise?

Sidney Crosby: 69%
Nick Lidstrom: 6%
Steven Stamkos: 5%
Toews: 3%
Alex Ovechkin: 2%

Crosby is no surprise to anyone.  CBC hits the nail on the head though on this one:

It is intriguing that 40-year-old Nicklas Lidstrom gets more votes as the person to build a franchise around than Alex Ovechkin who many say could be the best player of his generation.

Gotta say though, where’s Datsyuk?  He’d be right up there to me.

Which player is most difficult to stop?

Ovechkin: 27%
Crosby: 24%
Stamkos: 14%
Datsyuk: 5%
Semin: 5%

Again, stop how CBC?  Breakaway?  Datsyuk is unstoppable on those.  Ask Marty Turco.

Who is the cleanest player?

Pavel Datsyuk: 28%
M. St. Louis: 10%
Nick Lidstrom: 8%
Henrik Zetterberg: 6%
Kyle I Used to Be Fat Wellwood: 4%

I love Dangles, but Lidstrom is the cleanest player in the league, no question.

Which active player is the best role model?

Crosby: 26%
Lidstrom: 20%
Iginla: 11%
Shane Doan: 9%
M. St. Louis: 3%

This certainly is an effect of the NHL’s media gushing over Crosby 24/7.  He’s a great player and he really does seem like a good guy (I know, I know…), but there is no question that Lidstrom is a better role model than Crosby.  Lidstrom personifies what you want in a player, on and off the ice.  No whining, just business. 

Toughest to play against?

Crosby: 29%
Datsyuk: 19%
Ovechkin: 11%
Livonia Native Ryan Kesler: 4%
Zetterberg: 3%

Bet ya 100 bucks that Crosby was the one that put Zetterberg down.

Hardest to take the puck off of?

Datsyuk: 36%
Crosby: 24%
Thornton: 8%
Nash: 3%
Zetterberg: 3%

Not much to say here. 

Smartest player?

Crosby: 29%
Datsyuk: 24%
Lidstrom: 19%

Lidstrom gets screwed here being a defensemen.  He thinks the game 10 times better than the next guy.  That’s why he’s still effective the best NHL defensemen at age 40.

Who is the fastest skater?

Gaborik: 37%
Marleau: 11%
Darren Helm: 8%
J. Chimera: 6%

I would bet double or nothing on my first bet up above that Helm would be the faster in a footrace against any of those guys. 

So a great representation of the Wings in the voting here.  Shows the respect that the players in the league have for the Wings organization and players.  Now we just have to get that memo to Gary and crew…