Word on Zetterberg (and Kronner/Modano)

zetterberg7And it’s not good.  We all knew he’d be out tomorrow, but this bad? 

The Swede arrived at Joe Louis Arena on Tuesday morning with a brace on his left knee and got a ride to the dressing room on the back of a cart. 

Sounds like it’s a sprained knee (MCL) and usually would be out for at least 2-3 weeks.  However, this being the playoffs, I’m sure he’ll be ready to play if the Wings end up needing him.  

Here’s Khan’s update for the day on Z: 

“He’s not playing,’’ Babcock said Tuesday. “The good thing about it is we got a couple days before the next game (Game 2 on Saturday afternoon). So he’ll continue to be day-to-day until he’s back.’‘

Asked if he expects to return in the first round, Zetterberg said, “It’s tough to say. Just got to see how it reacts.’’

The good news is that Kronwall will likely play tomorrow.  

“I felt really good today,” Kronwall said. “It was definitely a step in the right direction. I’ve been on the ice a few times, but this was the first time I’ve skated with the team. It feels a lot better than any of the other days. Definitely a big positive.  

Finally, Mikey Mo spoke with Bob Duff today and it sounds like it’ll be his last season for sure. 

“This is my one last chance at it, so I’m kind of excited about the opportunity,” Modano said of the upcoming playoffs. “I just hope to make the most of it when I’m called upon.”

Asked if he was definitely talking retirement, Modano nodded.  “I think it is time,” he said. “That’s kind of the way I look at it. The last little while, I’ve thought long and hard about it. I’m just going to try to put everything I have into this, and then that’s going to be it for me.” 

I don’t know.  I respect that he can make this decision, but at the same time, Modano’s certainly had that this self-centeredness feel about him all year. He’s seemed so wishy-washy from the beginning and when he should be concentrating on one thing only, winning, he’s talking about retirement.  I certainly understand that its his decision and can respect it, but can’t he wait a few weeks to talk about it?  

Big day tomorrow, start of the real season.  Go Wings!