Actual Wings News Returns

So according to the Free Press, Brad “Severus” Stuart may actually return to action as soon as Thursday as we face off against Stevie-Y’s Lightning.  Stuart was short with the comments (as usual) but added that Thursday’s game is “kind of what I’m thinking“.

Coach Mike Babcock said he is more than willing to throw Stuart back out there so long as the medical staff clears him.  Stuart’s return would be freakishly fast considering he’s only missed five weeks with a broken jaw that required surgery…let’s see Mike Milbury recover that fast from a busted jaw…seriously….please?

Also on the good news front, Chris Osgood skated for about 15 minutes today at practice.  But that’s going to be a slow process:

“I wasn’t going to go up or down at all.  I’ll just keep going out on the ice like that, but do more. I’ll know when it’s time to go down, but right now, at this point, I can’t do it yet.” –-Chris Osgood

No word on Filppula yet, who was already supposed to be back.  Time for these guys to get off the injury merry-go-round.  In fact, it’s time we dismantle that b*tch.