Wings To The [Blank] Division

The Wings want out.  In fact, the Wings were promised out.  But what is the NHL going to do?

Well a few days ago it was leaked that the Wings and the Jets were going to switch positions, putting Detroit in the Southeast and Winnipeg in the Central.  Greg over at Puck Daddy summed up my feelings on that very well:

The technical term for this is “the easy way out.”

What happened to the bold overhaul of the NHL’s conference format?

What happened to putting the Columbus Blue Jackets in the Eastern Conference where they belong, or the Nashville Predators closer to their SEC rivals in the Southeast? What happened to a Smythe Division reunion with the Jets, Flames and Oilers?


God, that would be terrible.  I’d honestly rather stay in the West then have to move to the SE.  6 games against the Florida Panthers would make me want to shoot myself.

Now the Wings have offered to stay a Western Conference team, sorta:

“Detroit has offered an interesting concession in all of this: a willingness to stay in the Western Conference if they only have to travel into Western Canada once instead of twice, and they only have to go into California once instead of twice.

“So hey, Detroit’s trying to play nice in the sandbox here. They’re offering concessions.”

Well that would be better for Detroit, but I’m not sure if that’s fair to the Columbus/Nashvilles of the world either.  Another idea is the three conference system, as suggested by John Shannon of Sportsnet.  Interesting, but it seems a little too complex for me as well.

I believe the Western and Eastern Conferences are outdated and should be scrapped.  There’s simply too many teams in the east part of the country(s) for it to be fair to the far east Western Conference teams.  I think the best solution is to go to alignment like the NFL uses, by simply putting two conferences together (call them what you will) which are not based on location.  

Within the conferences, put divisions together that are based on location, so that you’d still have the Central Division, but it’d be in the same conference as say the Northeast and the Pacific (just throwing names down).  Sure, that’s probably more travel for the teams generally, but it’d be the price to pay to have real parity when it comes to travel.   Plus, this would keep the rivalries alive within the divisions and be the least work when it comes to realigning the league.

So what are your thoughts?  Something’s going to happen and someone is going to be pissed.  Vote in the poll below and leave your comments as well: