Wings Decide to Take Night Off, Surprised When Strategy Backfires. CBJ – 4 Detroit – 1

You’d sorta think that after a 7-1 beating on Saturday, the Wings would want to get back out there and make up for such a pathetic effort with a good showing against a terrible Columbus team.  

Well, if you thought that, the joke is on you.  Detroit cared less tonight then even Saturday.  There was no effort, no push, no execution, no saves, no forecheck, no hits, no energy, and no W on the score sheet.  Columbus owned the ice from start to finish and Detroit was outplayed in every facit of the game.   At least Babcock didn’t make any excuses for the loss:

“It was a disappointing effort. Obviously, the preparation (from) our coaching staff, we didn’t do a good enough job. The players didn’t do a good enough job.

“No excuse for what happened tonight.”

This game seriously was a joke in every way.   Conklin looks pathetic out there, his best save is when he fell and accidentally landed on the puck.  The D is easier to beat than a taxi driver when you Pat Kane.  And Zetterberg doesn’t get it why it’s all not working:

“We lose one game and it’s almost like we’re 1-5 instead of 5-1,” Detroit’s Henrik Zetterberg said. “We’re tight on our sticks, we don’t make plays, we’re not executing. It’s almost like we don’t have confidence.

But Babbles does:

“They competed harder than us, to a man.”

In the end, that was it.   The only player worth mentioning was Helm and even he was around 80% of his normal self.   I was planning on going to the game and at the very last second I had to bail.  Turns out that I’m glad I kept my money, as tonight’s effort was a complete joke.