Meh…Wings – 1 Chicago – 4

Well, what did you expect?  With the team that Grand Rapids Detroit iced, I didn’t expect anything else.  The frustrating part of all this is that Detroit didn’t lose that game because Chicago was healthy and well rested.  Rather, they lost because of a few things they didn’t do and a few unlucky bounces.  Here’s what I noticed:


All game long, Detroit would either pull up in the zone looking for a pass or skate to the corner.  Other than Mursak, who I thought had an excellent game, the Wings never went to tough spots and therefore never got the goals.  We need Franzen to attack the net like Hossa did on their third goal. 


The problem I noticed was that the Wings weren’t shooting with the idea the puck was going to the net.  Rather, they were just trying to get it on net.   This is just a confidence issue, but I continuously noticed the Wings having a chance and putting it into the goaltender rather then trying to put it behind him.  This is hard to explain, but it is a fact and I, as a stupid goalie myself, can tell the difference when someone is shooting to score or just shooting the puck. 

I dont think happens if the couple posts the Wings hit go in rather than bounce out.  It’s all confidence and many of the Wings don’t have it.


I think the Wings 4th goal was a perfect example of a stupid play.  Both Kronwall and Rafalski went behind the net and left the Hawk player alone in front.  Come on guys, you are both vets now.  You should know better.  Stupid plays and being smart with (and without) the puck is an issue right now for the Wings.  There’s no excuse for this.

Now I thought Jimmy played well, Nick Lidstrom played great (as usual) and Jiri Hudler played with a little fight in him.  In addition, Abby played well after I ripped him a few days ago.  But some games are just not meant to be. 

The good news is that Cleary, Holmstrom and Datsyuk will be back in a week or two.  Until then, however, Detroit need to get a few points. 

Last thing: Did you see that Nabokov won’t be reporting to the Island?  Interesting.  I’m still torn if I even want the guy, but I’m so intrigued about this whole situation, I can’t find myself able to write a post to really give a good evaluation of what I think.