Why Do You Hate Chicago? Gameday Open Post

Why do you hate Chicago?

Even though our fearless, though often MIA leader, Drew, currently resides in the city, one common bond that all NOHS authors believe in is that Chicago, as Jordan so delicately put it, sucks.  Big time.

So I figured I’d ask, why do you hate Chicago?

My answers (and yours) after the break.

  • That 90% of their fans would fail the Eric Daze test.  Ask in the comments if you don’t konw.
  • Patrick Kane.  In every way. 
  • The way they treated Chelios on his return to Chicago.  The guy’s never said a bad thing about the city, didn’t have a choice to leave and has only gave it his all every night for whatever team he played for.   In response, he was booed by fans of his hometown team.   Classy.
  • Marion Hossa. 
  • That people actually though Duncan Keith was better than Lidstrom for a few a year.  Screwed that one up, didn’t you?
  • The way they treat their players.  Think Martin Havlet, most of the current Jets and Huet. 
  • Speaking of Huet, how they decided to cheat and send him to Africa or wherever he is today.
  • The way they decided to make a team which they knew didn’t have a chance of sticking together.  Way to think long term.
  • That their fans are almost all assholes, in every sport.  Douchebags.
  • Finally, that anyone who moves to Chicago has to talk about how awesome it is, 24/7, and how they act suddenly like they’ve “made it” and that I should be impressed with them as soon as they move there.  Nope, sorry, not impressed.  I enjoy being able to afford to drive a car, have a nice apartment and live in a city where I don’t have to deal with douchebags on a daily basis.

Now I’ve explained this before.  Chicago is the Mitsubishi Eclipse of cities.  You know, the Eclipse is actually a decent car, but it’s driven by douchebags who think and act like it’s a Ferrari.  It’s not a Ferrari, not even close.  Everyone but those douchebags know it. 

Chicago is actually a decent city, but people who live in it think that it’s a New York or London.  It’s not.  Not even close.  People who live there just don’t get it and want to tell you all about how great it is, all the time.

So that’s my list, what’s your reason for hating the Windy City and the Hawks?  Leave it in the comments.