Who doesn’t like a good rumor?

Rumors have begun to fly with some pretty big names that are reportedly being shopped. The Wings have some pretty substantial cap space for the first time in years, but would they be interested in making a deal? I know I have been beating the trade scenarios like a dead horse, but it never hurts to look at some of the possibilities.

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Jarome Iginla – He’s 34 years old and has one year left at 7 mil. That would make him the highest paid Wing, which just doesn’t seem right. Yes he is highly skilled, and playing with Datsyuk and Zetterberg could be a huge boost for him. He’s had 10 seasons with 30+ goals, 4 with 40+ (including 43 last season), and 2 with 50+. What would it take to get him in the winged wheel? The flames would probably not want salary in return, so high picks and top prospects would be a must. Would you be willing to give up Smith, Tatar, Nyquist or a combination packaged with a few high picks for Iggy?

Alexander Semin – This rumor has been out there for a few years now, but has really heated up as of late due to Semin being a healthy scratch. This could be a low risk – high reward move for the Wings. Semin is 27 and is a UFA at seasons end, he can be an offensive beast when on a roll. Pair him up with Datsyuk and watch the sparks fly. He could also flop and not fit in with the Wings system, and is notorious for disappearing in the playoffs. The Caps are hard up against the cap and may part with the struggling winger for less than some would expect.

Zach Parise – He was one of the big names on the RFA market this summer, and ended up positioning himself to be the top prize come this July 1st. With New Jersey struggling to remain in the playoff picture and Parise likely to test the FA market the Devils would be best served to get something in return for the 27-year old sniper.

Bobby Ryan – The newest name on the market and probably the most intriguing of the bunch, Ryan is 24 and puts up the points consistently. In 3 seasons he has scored 31, 35 and 34 goals and looks to reach somewhere in that range again this year. It has been reported that the Ducks can’t afford the keep Ryan past this season. He comes with a 5.1 million dollar cap hit through the 2014-15 season and will be only 27 at the time his deal expires. It’s believed that the asking price would be a young defenseman, young forward and a high draft pick. I’d pull the trigger on Ericsson, Tatar and a 1st rounder.

Sam Gagner – Gagner’s name has been in the rumor mill the last two seasons. At 22 he hasn’t put up the numbers that the others on this list have, but again he is 22 and plays for the Oilers. This could be a more realistic deal for the Wings that wouldn’t cost them nearly as much. The Oilers are quickly building a young core that may see Gagner on the outside looking in.

Philadelphia Flyers – Injuries have left the Flyers looking for help on the blueline. The Wings could be an option as they are one of the few teams with defensive depth. The Flyers may be willing to part with a core player to get a deal done as well as shed some cap space. Who that player may be is unclear, but if it’s any one of Giroux, Hartnel, Voracek or Van Riemsdyk the Wings should kick that tire.


I originally wrote this to post on Wednesday but ended up making a last minute trip to Kentucky. So I left Bobby Ryan on here, even though he is supposedly not on the block now that Carlyle is gone, I wouldn’t count him out since the reasons were monetary related.

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