Weekes Is Wrong

For years Detroit has heard about how their goaltending has been weak.  From Stefan to Cheveldae to Osgood to even the future hall of famer Dominick Hasek, the chord has been similar: strong team, weak goaltending, even when the goaltending was solid, if not strong during those times.

Finally, though we should be able to put those lies to rest.  With Howard, we’ve had three years of solid, strong goaltending.  This year, he’s become one of the best in the league. So finally, this myth has to die down now that there is no question that goaltending is a strong point for Detroit, right?


In a ranking of the goaltending for each team CBC analysis Kevin Weekes has Detroit at #17 in the league.  Hit the jump for his comments and who he has us ranked behind.

17. DETROIT RED WINGS Howard has turned his game up nicely and gives his max effort on every play, very underrated goalie. Ty Conklin can play when called upon.

Ok Kevin, yes, Howard has turned up his game nicely I agree.  He’s certainly underrated, but only because you assholes ignore the obvious.  He’s a freaking stud.  There’s only one goaltender who’s played better then him this season:  Brian Elliot (who’s defying laws of physics right now, he might be afraid Hitchcock will eat him if he loses).  He’s on the same level as Tim Thomas and Nikolai Khabibulin, both of which have been playing lights out.

You know how I know this is a total complete joke?  You look at the teams ahead of us:

15. CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS Corey Crawford paid his dues in the AHL. He’s a good goalie but has a tendency to get stuck a bit behind the play. Ray Emery has embraced his role and given the Hawks seven out of 10 points in games he’s started. I still have to give the Oilers props for beating them 9-2 on Hockey Night In Canada.

Right now, the Hawks team save percentage is .894, 5th worst in the league.  They have a team GAA over 3.  Give me a break.

10. FLORIDA PANTHERS Major props to new head coach Kevin Dineen! Hello hockey world! Jose Theodore is doing it again. Real NHL goalies don’t grow on trees, there are very few in a global population of more than seven billion. Scott Clemmensen earned a shutout in his first start after arthroscopic knee surgery and Jacob Markstrom looks like he could be the real deal.

Real NHL goalies don’t grow on trees?  What the hell does that mean.  Jose Theodore is doing it again?  He hasn’t done “it” since 2002.  Since then, he’s barely stayed in the league.   Sure he’s playing well, but not one person can seriously consider the Panthers goaltending to be significantly better than Detroit’s.

5. SAN JOSE SHARKS Antti Niemi is back in a big way. I loved his dominant game against his former Stanley Cup champion team Chicago Blackhawks last week. Thomas Greiss has been nice when called on. He looks very smooth with his movement in the net and reminds me of Johan Hedberg.

Niemi is a hack.  He’s one of the least talented goalies in the NHL and gets by only through being overweight and wearing what should be illegal leg pads.  Fifth best in the league?   Ahead of not only Detroit, but LA, Buffalo, and Pittsburgh?

Just like Niemi, you’re a joke Weekes.

Update:  Thanks to reader Atsinganoi for noticing that I screwed up Weekes’ name for the entire post. I’m also a joke.