We Ain’t Got No Room For Any Stinkin’ Commies

Commodore’s finally healthy, but he’s run into a problem.  Jakob Kindl’s played himself into the lineup.  He’s taken advantage of his chances, and even considering the last two games, he’s been great.  Not only that, but Ericsson, a.k.a. E-52, Big Rig, or S#!tbox, as The Production Line so lovingly calls him, has played well too.  Essentially, there’s no room for Commie22 at the moment.  Still, unlike last year, Commie’s kept a positive view on it all:

“I just want to have good practices and when the opportunity arises be ready to go,” Commodore said. “Hopefully we keep playing well, and if it takes a while for that opportunity, then so be it. That’s fine. I just need to focus on myself and be ready when the time comes around.”

I’m sure we’ll need him (crosses fingers) sooner rather than later, so that’s a great attitude to have.  Anyways, per Khan(!), here’s the lineup tonight:


Emmerton-Brunnstrom (healthy scratches)


Commodore (healthy scratch)

Howard (starting)

Essentially, the standard, with Eaves and Abby changed around.  I’d like to see some mix-up of the first two lines, to get Z and Clears going.  Maybe throw Homer up there, or even add Brunnstrom into the mix.  Still, this is probably our best front 12, against a very good Sharks team, we will have to see what we can do.

And well, I will leave you with Commie22’s tweet of the day. Today he included includes a picture of a young Mr. Commodore at the University of North Dakota.  He wants you to “check out those sick stats.”

I think we should check out that emo face of yours Mike.  Lighten up man.

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