Vote for Jimmy Campaign is Working!

So remember that Vote for Jimmy campaign that Winging It In Motown and we herea at Nightmare on Helm Street started?  Last we checked, it wasn’t working. Well thanks to your good work, that’s changed.  

Credit to WIIM for this screenshot and the one below.

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Last time we checked, Corey “I’m somehow less athletic than the fat guy I replaced” Crawford had more votes than Jimmy.  Now, Jim’s left Corey and his 88% SP in the dust.  Not only that, he’s pulled ahead of some other non-write in goalies.  

Notice the guy two below Jimmy?  Oh it’s Bobby Lou – the overhyped Crosby of goaltenders.  Eat it Roberto.

Jimmy’s also ahead of Marty Brodeur and Ryan Miller too, deservingly.  He’s actually leading all write in candidates right now, with 25k more than the next. No he won’t win, but I think this is impressive as it is.  

Keep it up boys and girls.