Vlad the… Painter?

Did you all know Konstantinov was something of an artist? Well, we all knew that he could make crushing forwards with open-ice hits into art, but I’m talking about actual paintings. Apparently, he paints as part of his rehab. From Zack Crawford at DetroitRedWings.com:

As part of his rehabilitation process, Konstantinov has recently teamed up with Universal Institute in Troy, a program that offers rehabilitation and living services for individuals affected by traumatic brain injuries.

Stemming from a successful sister model in New Jersey, Universal Institute operates Gallery U, an art gallery in downtown Royal Oak that solely features the art work of recovering clients.

I didn’t see any examples of his paintings, but they are for sale. No idea what the price range is, but considering it’s Vladdy, it’s probably out of this bloggers price range.

If you are able to make a purchase, you’ll get to meet the man himself. I found it interesting that he’s selling 42 paintings when he was a major key in ending the 42 year Stanley Cup drought not all that long ago. Probably just a coincidence. Even if you can’t buy something, it could be worth checking out.

I’d like to see some of his work if they allow pictures to be taken. Probably not, though. I tried taking a picture of a sculpture I had to do a report on and security was on me faster than Seal Team 6 on Osama.

Is it Saturday night yet?