Update on Howard

“Just a sprain.  Dodged a bullet.”  –Jimmy Howard


Looks like the definition of goaltender interference to me.  Jimmy’s lucky that he didn’t separate that shoulder or break a bone.  He’s going to try and be ready for Wednesday, but with the way we’re treating our wounded with the play-offs so close – I wouldn’t be surprised if he sits a few games.

According to the Free Press, Thomas McCollum has been recalled from Toledo.  MacDonald, who came in for Howard and was the goalie of record for Saturday’s win over the Leafs will face the Blackhawks on tonight.

“Hopefully this doesn’t keep me out.  Hopefully I’ll be able to come back possibly Wednesday.  I’m going to do the best I can to try to get back as soon as possible.” –Jimmy Howard

Just…take it easy, Jimmy.  We just NEED you to be healthy for the play-offs.