A Show for Uncle Mule

So it turns out that Johan Franzen’s uncle is quite the lucky charm – either that or The Mule was just showing off for him and some hometown friends, according to the Free Press.

“They flew in for that game,” Franzen said after practice Thursday. “He and three friends are going to do a little road trip. That was pretty cool they got to see that.” –Johan Franzen

I do remember Ken and Larry discussing Alfredson and Erik Karlsson both being from Sweden – but it turns out that the youngster, Karlsson grew up even closer to home than the FSD folks thought…

“Same street, pretty much, so they know him, too.  It was the first time we played each other in the NHL, too. That’s probably why they wanted to see that game.” –Johan Franzen

After the game, Franzen met his uncle along with Karlsson, so the beaming and boasting had to wait – to be polite, of course.

Speaking of class – I also wanted to note that Franzen had a chance to score his fifth on that empty net a few seconds earlier, but he decided to give it to Bertuzzi…who fed it back to Franzen.  So then Franzen gave it over to Zetterberg – who absolutely loves empty netters – but even Z passed on the seemingly irresistible urge to fire at the empty cage and gave it back to Mule who finally fired it in for his hat trick plus two.

Classy guys.

But anyway – Unkie Mule will be at Monday’s game against the Rangers as the road trip takes the Swedes to Toronto and Buffalo as well.  So we’ll see how Franzen does on Monday before we officially buy his uncle tickets to every game for the rest of the season.